Here are some links to posts that I’ve written and contributed to other websites and projects that I’ve been involved in. While you’re there, stay and check out the rest of the sites and posts……..

Stigma Fighters: July 2015

Stigma Fighters: September 2015

Bluelightblue: Mental Health Treatment Shaming

The Mighty: What You May Miss When You Dismiss Someone as a Drunk

Hasty Words: #BeReal Meghan Shultz

The Mighty: 5 Things to Know About Staying in a Psychiatric Hospital

The Mighty: To the Doctor Who Showed Compassion During My Mental Health Crisis

Stigma Fighters: March 2016

I am so very honored to be featured in the Stigma Fighters Anthology Volume 2. It can be purchased on Amazon hereĀ Stigma Fighters Anthology Volume 2

Gum On My Shoe: It’s Always Okay

Gum On My Shoe: Always Unstable: The Book, By Meghan Shultz

Always Unstable: Bipolar and Hospitalisation

Always Unstable: Bipolar and Hospitalisation: A Memoir

Meghan Shultz New Author Details Her Mental Illness Journey

Always Unstable Was My Dream

Psych Central: A Journey to a Diagnosis

Feminine Collective: A Substance Abuse Story

The Mighty: The Slow Creep of Mania and Depression

End The Stigma

Spill Words: A Letter About My Eating Disorder

Spill Words: The Down Side of Mania

The Mighty: 5 Things No One Told Me When I Applied for Disability Benefits

Spill Words: Please Understand My Eating Disorder

Gum on My Shoe: My Support System

The Mighty: A Day in the Life: What It Feels Like To Be Psychotic