Love and Bipolar

I’m a member of a lot of Bipolar and mental illness groups on Facebook and a common thing that seems to come up is ‘I have Bipolar, will I ever find love?’ or ‘I’m Bipolar, no one will ever love me’. I see it over and over again. And it makes me sad that just because we have a mental illness we write ourselves out of love.

Now I’ll admit, we’re a pretty tough crowd to handle at times. What with manic spending sprees, debilitating depressions, sometimes inability to work, hospitalisations, copious amounts of medications, sudden urges to do outrageous things. We can be a lot. But why does that mean that we can’t have love? It doesn’t. You’ve just gotta find that right person and sometimes that takes time. It takes a really special person to be able to handle us.

My husband I have been married for six years this November. He knew that I had mental health problems when we got married but we didn’t know that it was Bipolar so he didn’t have much of a warning. But he really stepped up to the plate. He takes me to appointments, he visits me during frequent hospital stays and he deals with my frequent mood swings. Most of all he sticks by me when shit gets bad. Like crying all day and not doing housework bad. I also don’t work, I’m on disability so he’s the main bread winner. But despite all that he loves me. He kisses me, he hugs me, he tells me he loves me, he lights up and thanks me when I make him dinner every night. He really loves me.

It’s not always easy, we’ve had our issues, I’ll admit. I’ve done some stupid shit that my husbands not agreed with, mostly spending related and some other impulsive things but we’ve worked through it. The Bipolar can sometimes take its toll on both of us but we just have to take it one step at a time and work our way through it, and that’s what we do until we come out the other side. No relationship is ever perfect, not even one minus a mental illness.

Love and Bipolar is definitely possible. So don’t give up. Don’t give up looking for love. You are worth loving.

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