My Horrid Psychiatrist

When I was in the US I had an amazing Psychiatrist. Well, actually, I had many amazing psychiatrists, most of them in hospital. But the… Continue reading My Horrid Psychiatrist

What About Mental Illness?

Every time that I go to a supermarket or other store, I always see at the registers that they’re collecting money. They’re always collecting money… Continue reading What About Mental Illness?

Doctors, Disability, and Sterilization

I met my new doctor today. My Mum came in with me because my ability to hold a verbal conversation right now is pretty…..abysmal, to… Continue reading Doctors, Disability, and Sterilization

Pain, Pain, Go Away

*Trigger Warning: Graphic mention of self harm* When you’re hurting, what do you do? How do you cope? How do you numb the pain? Do… Continue reading Pain, Pain, Go Away

From America to Australia

I don’t know what moving internationally is like when you’re sane but moving internationally when you’re mentally ill is fairly interesting. Very challenging, tiring, and… Continue reading From America to Australia